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Vehicle Servicing

Regular servicing keeps your vehicle running smoothly and allows the identification of any safety issues early. 

From 4WD and passenger vehicle handbook servicing to basic safety checks, we do it all!

Battery Replacement

We stock a large range off new quality batteries and can test your existing battery for faults. Call us for a quote!

VACC Accredited

Something your dealer probably didn’t mention about your new car is that you don’t need to have your new car serviced by your dealer to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Being VACC accredited, once the service is completed by our qualified technicians will stamp your vehicle’s log book as a record of regular maintenance – critically important when it comes to manufacturers warranty.

Dyno Tuning

We have the latest Dyno Dynamics 4WD dynamometer and can check and tune all types of vehicles from SUV's, 4WD's, Race Cars, Buggies & Hot Rods!

Carby or EFI.....Doesn't matter!

Check our facebook page photos for the wide range of cars!

Brake & Clutch Repairs

Brake and clutch repairs using only the highest quality parts.

Call us for a quote!

Rotary Engine Repairs & Rebuilds

We can supply or rebuild all rotary engines from a standard engine all the way up to fully race prepped. Call us for all enquiries.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!
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